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Doritos partners with Snapchat to bring a reality Snapchat lens to consumers

Doritos the nacho chip brand from the house of PepsiCo Indian announced its partnership with Snapchat to bring snack-based face Lens to the consumers in India. The idea behind this augmented reality experience is to communicate the brand’s philosophy of ‘For The Bold’ by engaging with their audience through this custom Snapchat Lens.  The Doritos Snapchat Lens will go live on 4th November and be available for twenty-four hours.

Commenting on this partnership, Dilen Gandhi, Marketing Director, Western Snacks, PepsiCo India says
We at PepsiCo India are constantly innovating to engage our consumers effectively. Due to the ever evolving habits of millennials in India, platforms like Snapchat have gained high social prominence. We are excited for Doritos to partner with Snapchat for this special face Lens, which gives us the opportunity to interact directly with our audience and bring out the bold proposition of our brand. As the pioneers in the global nacho chip category, Doritos continues this spirit in India today with this campaign. So go ahead, use the Doritos Lens on Snapchat and bring out your inner bold.
With this collaboration, Doritos aims to bring the entire fan experience and famous first bite and then bold narrative to Snapchat users in India. This exciting new face Lens changes the Snapchat user from a kitten to a tiger when the user opens his or her mouth to bite into a Doritos chip. Users can then share their fun adventures with the Doritos Snapchat experience across various social platforms in their own exciting way.

Things you should know

Over 170 million people use Snapchat globally every day to Snap with family and friends, watch Stories, and explore content from top publishers and around the world. The average Snapchat daily user visits the app twenty times a day, and daily users spend an average of over 30 minutes on Snapchat every day. Lenses allow Snapchat users to apply real-time augmented reality effects and sounds to their selfies — so brands can take part in the communication on Snapchat in the most fun, personal way.

Doritos, the nacho brand, is present in over 55 countries globally and began its Indian manufacturing this year. Doritos is targeted at Indian consumers in the 16 to 24 year age bracket, residing in the urban and semi-urban centers. Doritos is available in two flavours: Nacho Cheese and Sweet Chili, and in three packs priced at INR 25, 50 and 100. The product is marketed across India through a mix of large format retail chains, online channels and neighborhood stores.


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